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The majority of soaps available in the consumer market are not vegan but instead made with animal fat as the largest percentage ingredient. Sodium Tallowate, Tallow, Beef Tallow and Lard are all names for this common soap-making ingredient which is so widely used in the industry.

Animal fat is abundantly available and very inexpensive as it is a by-product of the meat industry, making it a top choice for beauty and personal care manufacturing companies. Beef tallow significantly lowers production costs, therefore creating a lower price product for consumers and maximum profits for manufacturers.

Checking the label before purchasing to verify your product is free of tallow is advised to not only vegans or others not wishing to bathe in animal fat. A label may very well claim the product has not been tested on animals but still contain animal products!

Research shows that the cosmetic uses of animal fat may clog pores and increase the development of blackheads on skin. There should be a vegan option available at your market which will list vegetable and fruit fats like olive oil, shea butter and coconut oil instead.
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